Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine parts are a safe choice for several reasons.

100% uptime of our products demands regular maintenance and service. Khonaysser Motors has a long experience and understands the customers need for parts availability and delivery precision.With a global parts warehouse capability and the support of Khonaysser Motors and logistic we can guarantee delivery within 24 hours in most locations world-wide.

All business operations benefit from good financial planning and as few unknown factors as possible. When nothing is left to chance, long-term profitability can be built up.

The latest technology

Full coverage function warranties

Manufacturer Safety standards

Fast and dependable

High quality at a low
total cost

Parts are available for ten years after discontinued products

Being Volvo Penta exclusive Dealer we help you find parts and service that you need:

Anode, kit, valve, bearing, bellow, bushing, gasket, belt, electronic unit, filter, insert, fuel pump, propeller, duo-prop, hose, nut, screw, valve, oil, ring pin, washer, plug, shaft, pin, sensor, water pump, service kit… Repowering your boat, generator, forklift, we have the right engine and parts Volvo Penta workshops and technicians are super specialized and ensure repair, maintenance and warranty.

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