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Project Design Support

Genuine parts are a safe choice for several reasons.

Khonaysser group of companies having a years of experience in the filed of Generator Manufacturing and related services. We have well trained, experienced professional employees to look after your proposals related to generator requirements.

Our team will visit your site and after the site inspection and according to your requirement we will proceed for the further procedures.

Since we have wide range of available spare parts stock and availably of engine and alternator and other parts related to genset, we can customize your requirements and deliver the product which will be suitable to serve you.

Our Plans

We ensure successful design, installation, and operation of the generator system:

Site assessment:

A site assessment is done to determine the suitability of the location for the generator, taking into account factors such as access, power requirements, and environmental conditions.

System design

The generator system is designed to meet the specific power requirements of the customer, taking into account factors such as load, voltage, and frequency.

Equipment selection

We will help the customer to select the appropriate generator equipment based on the specific power requirements and environmental conditions of the site.

Installation support

The generator company will provide support during the installation of the generator, including site preparation, equipment delivery, and installation supervision.

Commissioning & Training

The generator company will commission the generator and perform tests to ensure that the generator is operating correctly. Also we train you staff

Warranty and after-sales support

We will provide a warranty on the generator and will provide after-sales support to the customer to ensure the long-term reliability of the generator.

Are You Looking For Any Other Service?

Contact Our After-Sales Support For Further Information

Are You Looking For Any Other Service?

Contact Our After-Sales Support For Further Information