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Presale Support

Genuine parts are a safe choice for several reasons.

We always prefer our Customers to have a good planning about the requirements by considering the nearby future expansion and also the latest technology.

Since Khonaysser group of companies are dealing with all the major brands such as Volvo Penta, Perkins, and Cummins, we ensure the availability of spare parts. So that in case of any breakdown your business will not be affected.

In many customer sites, we may need a few modifications in the design to fit the product there, so our specialized technical teams will be able to support you with the special needs.

The Presale Support will also help our customers to determine their energy needs, providing cost and energy-saving estimates, and helping them navigate any legal or regulatory requirements that may apply.

Also, the customers can see our product page to check the availability of various suitable products and reach us anytime from anywhere.  

Types of pre-sale supports

We have various types of services. Few are as below

This includes providing information about the technical specifications and capabilities of the generator, as well as answering any questions about its operation and maintenance.

This involves visiting the site where the generator will be installed and assessing the location, power requirements, and any other factors that may affect its operation.

Some companies offer customization options for generators, such as special fuel or voltage requirements, to meet specific customer needs.


Many companies offer warranties and maintenance agreements to ensure that the generator is running efficiently and to minimize downtime.

Some companies offer consultancy services to help customers choose the right generator for their specific needs and to provide guidance on installation and operation.

providing training for the customer on how to operate and maintain the generator properly.


Are You Looking For Any Other Service?

Contact Our After-Sales Support For Further Information

Are You Looking For Any Other Service?

Contact Our After-Sales Support For Further Information