Stay warm in this storm. We power in all conditions.

Winter is here and with it comes the need for reliable power generation. Whether you’re running a business, a hospital or just want to make sure you have power at home, a generator can be a lifesaver during a power outage. However, with the colder temperatures, traditional generators can become less reliable. Luckily, there are several solutions to keep your generator running smoothly during the winter months.

One popular solution is the use of diesel generators with a winterization kit. These kits include a block heater and fuel conditioner to prevent gelling, which can be a common problem in cold temperatures. Another option is to switch to propane or natural gas generators, as these fuels do not gel in the cold.

Another solution is to install a generator enclosure or shelter to protect the generator from the elements and keep it at a higher operating temperature. This can be especially important in areas with heavy snowfall or extreme cold. Additionally, proper maintenance of the generator, including regular servicing and keeping the battery charged, can help ensure reliable operation during the winter months.

Finally, having a backup generator on hand is always a good idea in case the primary generator fails. With these solutions in place, you can rest assured that your power needs will be met during the winter months.

It’s important to note that in extremely cold climates, additional measures such as heating the generator room or using a heated fuel storage tank may be necessary to ensure reliable generator operation. So, it’s always better to consult with an expert and make sure that your generator is well prepared for the winter.